Eureka joint Clusters Call on Sustainable Industry

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The Eureka Clusters Sustainability

2 May 2022, 10:30:00

Up to €25 million grant


Eureka joint Clusters Call on Sustainable Industry


Within the larger scope of sustainable industry, that is covered by this Call, two areas of interest have been identified specifically by the national funding bodies supporting the Call:

Green ICT
ICT technologies are a key enabler of a green transition for production and consumption patterns in every business and every part of society. However, the digital technologies that are crucial for these ecosystems consist of electronic components, software, and systems that can consume a large amount of energy and resources over their life cycle from production to installation, use, and maintenance to disposal or recycling.
Therefore, it is also important to advance research and development towards more sustainable electronic components, software, and systems for information and communication technologies supporting sustainable manufacturing. Sustainable manufacturing should implement green ICT solutions in factories, operations, processes, and product planning. Furthermore, to achieve energy efficiency in terms of use of calculation power and related electronic devices, the sustainability idea must also include the design of economical and frugal data capture and processing from the outset.

Space-earth-ocean integrated systems for better observation and data exploitation
The challenge is to create application-based ecosystems that take advantage of the rapidly developing space, ocean and land/aerial monitoring techniques and technologies and to create new capabilities and demand-driven purpose-built ecosystems that take advantage of the rapid development of digital technologies (e.g. data driven systems). These new capabilities shall support the move to a net zero emissions economy, contributing to climate control, monitoring and management of natural resources, sustainable food production and societal protection, amongst other opportunities.

Participating in the Eureka Clusters Sustainability call for projects 2022 has large benefits:
• Be boosted to become a front runner in your sustainability application area
• Receive national funding with an expected success rate of over 30%
• Access a large network of organisations from countries in Europe and beyond (including Canada, Singapore, South Africa, and South Korea)
• Be part of a flexible programme with bottom-up and market-driven idea generation, initiated by businesses and knowledge institutes
• Get coaching and support from experts throughout the development and the execution of your project, with the possibility of having up to two Clusters providing this coaching and support