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Scientists want to see inventions and technological advancements taken to the next level. Project managers want to see results delivered on time and within budget with all stakeholders satisfied. Coming from scientific backgrounds, the Project Managers at Linq understand both sides. We enable effective projects by letting you focus on your research while we take care of the administration.

Whether continuing on from a proposal we were involved in or starting fresh with your granted project, our IPMA-certified Project Managers are ready to be your partner for the duration of your project. We strive to ensure a smoothly running project while  at the same time having the flexibility that is required with research. We look forward to discussing further possibilities and are happy to be a contributing partner already from the proposal stage.


LINQ Consulting - Contracts Support


As a project coordinator, it is of high importance to handle contract negotiations, both for the Consortium Agreement and the Grant Agreement, with professionalism, efficiency, and a clarity. For one, this instills confidence that you are ready to manage an entire multi-year project, both for the partners as well as the funding authority. Next to this, it will be the first time working closely with some of the partners and building up good relationships during this stage, especially when more complicated matters arise, can greatly benefit the project later on. 

Through the extensive experience at Linq negotiating various types of contracts, we can support you and all of the partners through the contracting phase. Knowing how these processes work allows us to anticipate the actions that will be needed and bring structure into what can sometimes be a complicated and stressful process, thereby ensuring a smooth and timely project start. 

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