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Real impact is only realised when results are exploited by industry. 

For this reason, the protection and exploitation of new intellectual property should be given priority over publication. Project partners should always be given the chance to first patent key results before they are made public, but should also not cause unnecessary delay in the dissemination process, as should be clearly stated in the Consortium Agreement or other partnership contract. The management of this process with the goal of seeing valuable results realize maximum impact is why we offer our Exploitation & IP management service.


At the same time, spreading results to a broad audience is becoming increasingly important in large research projects. For those directly involved in the project, effective dissemination leads to follow-up projects and recognition of the partners within the field. From the viewpoint of the funding authority and other stakeholders, wide-spread communication shows the effectiveness of spending public funds and the progress towards reaching political goals.

This service encompasses activities around new data and IP generation during the project, promotion of results to end users for possible further collaboration, and planning for future development and commercialisation. The specific requirements are highly project specific, thus the full management plan is put together in close cooperation with the project coordinator.

At Linq, we would be happy to contribute a full exploitation and IP management plan if your idea is still in the proposal phase. If you already have a project, we can adjust our services to fit into what is already planned. This can also be an additional service provided by your Linq Project Manager or Communication Manager.


As the exploitation of results has a high priority with most funding sources throughout the lifetime of your project, we are happy to be involved at every stage.

Exploitation is the act of making use of and benefiting from resources. It is how technologies are brought closer to the market and how research results endure beyond the lifetime of the project.


At Linq, we believe that feedback from key players in the field can also be vitally important to ensure that the research stays relevant and will continue to be developed beyond the end of the project.  For these reasons, we focus our Communication and Dissemination service along three lines, which are further tailored to the specific needs of each project.

If your idea is still in the proposal phase, we would be happy to contribute a full communication and dissemination plan. If you already have a project, we can adjust our services to fit into what is already planned. We are happy to support you in either scenario.

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Dissemination is the act of spreading something, especially information, as widely as possible. It has the goal of positioning results and creating awareness, both key in establishing follow up actions.
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