Creating a Sustainability Project Proposal

Updated: Nov 3

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A sustainability project proposal might sound like something that student organisations put together to wrap up the academic year. But these proposals are not centred around campus sustainability. They are centred around sustainable development for all, with decision-making responsibilities that affect community members and, possibly, people all over the world. There are several key factors that determine a successful sustainability project proposal — and a successful proposal is usually needed to ensure a successful project that will contribute to an overall sustainability plan.

Creating a project proposal in the area of environmental sustainability

Projects in this area tend to target more than just sustainable development — they also directly or indirectly aim for improvements in quality of life, standard of living, and equitable resource use. With the potential to positively impact the world, it is imperative that project proposals are accurately and thoroughly completed.

Working in the area of environmental impact

Projects that address climate change, green building, large-scale composting, waste reduction, and reducing the global carbon footprint are all important in lessening our overall environmental impact. Creating project proposals for these initiatives must show:

  • Why it is important to tackle the issues the project seeks to address

  • How the project will scientifically address these issues

  • How it will do a better job than the current practices in place

  • How it will be successful with the amount of funds available (or seeking)

Creating a project proposal in the area of climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest and most serious environmental issues that our planet has ever faced. There are many factors that are contributing to the anthropogenic rise in average global surface temperatures, but the main area that needs to be addressed is our carbon-intensive energy usage. Therefore, projects that focus on one or more areas of energy reform, particularly in the form of sustainable development rather than abandonment of the modern way of life, are likely to be successful with a good project proposal.

There are two main areas that need to be addressed in this regard: renewable energy and energy conservation.

Working in the area of renewable energy

Every sustainability plan needs to address climate change — and the best way to do so is to target greenhouse gas emissions from our current energy sources. There are several possibilities in addition to the well-known wind and solar options: biodiesel, blue hydrogen, green hydrogen, and tidal power are just a few emerging technologies that could be explored with well-written project proposals and funding.

Renewable energy does more than limit emissions that cause harmful warming — these same emissions contribute to harmful air pollution that is having a measurable effect on people in polluted areas. Projects that focus on renewable energy can also help improve environmental health.

Working in the area of energy conservation

Along with implementing renewable energy, every sustainability plan needs to address energy conservation measures. Reducing the global carbon footprint cannot be done without simultaneously reducing or conserving the amount of energy we use. Fortunately, there are many ways to go about this, with many more great ideas and proposals yet to be put forth. Green building technologies, carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS), and fuel efficiency improvements in vehicles are just a few examples of potential energy conservation areas to be explored.

How Linq Consulting helps to create sustainability project proposals

This rising need for environmental solutions and the massive increase in grant funding for sustainability projects open up new opportunities for academics and businesses alike.

Although there is a wealth of grant funding available, the grant application process is often difficult and includes many specific requirements, as mentioned above.

Linq Consulting provides technical assistance and services to help researchers throughout the grant proposal process. We also help to manage entire projects with our project management team.

Our in-depth knowledge of national and European grant programs and different aspects of funding sources can help get environmental projects to market whether you run an emerging small business or established non-government agency.

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