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Looking Back: Ideas and Innovations From the Past Year That Are Worth Revisiting

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

In 2021, we focused largely on what we do best: Grant Funding and Project Management

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There is a form of poetic irony in using tried and true methods to bring forth new and innovative ideas. At Linq Consulting, this has been the norm since inception – and the past year proved to be no different in this regard. Of course, the types of proposals and projects that were developed differed from previous years because of all the ground-breaking sustainable technologies that are coming out of labs in Europe and around the world. We were thrilled to have worked with some of the incredible teams and the ideas they brought throughout 2021.

One of the things we focused on early in the year was the difference between dissemination, communication, and exploitation – and how knowing these differences can help greatly improve project success. Additionally, we delved into how sustainable technologies can benefit from good communication, how the general public needs to buy into science to create behavioural change, and how science should be the foundation for policy – but policymakers need to understand the technologies to make informed decisions.

We also tried something new: our first Sustainable Tech Case Studies

In addition to working with organizations to develop emerging technologies, we began branching out in 2021 to utilize our collective experience in sustainability and science in general to explore potential areas that are ripe for development. This culminated in our initial three case studies for sustainable technologies: SMR nuclear as a means for reducing carbon emissions while increasing energy availability, wave energy as the next big renewable power generation possibility, and biodegradable polymers made from waste as a way to replace existing plastics.

The response to these case studies was overwhelmingly positive, with a lot of feedback on potential applications, business cases, and even potential partners to help develop real-world projects out of these technologies. Be on the lookout for several more sustainable tech case studies in 2022 – and let us know if you have any particular ones that you would like us to explore.

In Case You Missed Them: Our Top Blogs From 2021

Our initial case study was also our most popular blog of the year – and our most in-depth. Be sure to take a read if you are interested in learning more about how new nuclear technologies are leaving behind the problems of outdated reactors and bringing an abundance of clean energy in the process.

Our post detailing where project partners and organizations can look to find SME funding received a lot of attention from those in need of this knowledge. Be sure to reach out if your organization would like to know more about what we offer in terms of helping find and secure grant funding. 3. Sustainable Tech: Can plastics be replaced with biodegradable polymers made from waste? Dec 21 | 50+ reads

Our last post of 2021 quickly became one of our most read. Finding a solution to the growing single-use plastics problem is on the minds of a lot of people – and the biodegradable polymers we cover in this article are one potential game-changer in this area.

Need help with proposals and projects in 2022?

Linq Consulting specializes in taking technical information and disseminating it in a way that can be understood, by both policymakers and the general public. Our team of expert researchers, grant writers, and project managers can help with all aspects of your emerging sustainable technologies – from drafting successful proposals to managing communications when your project has proven its value.

For more information on how we can help, get in touch with us at We look forward to hearing from you and together contributing to a more sustainable society!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @linq-consulting and connect with us on LinkedIn as well.


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